Mark Bomback

Movie Review: The Wolverine (2013)

He clawed his way to the top of the superhero cinema heap more than a decade ago, back when Marvel properties were just starting their big screen takeover, but that’s a height Wolverine hasn’t reached in years. The lovably rugged X-Man had the misfortune of participating in the stinker “X-Men: The Last Stand” in 2006…

Movie Trailer: The Wolverine (2013)

Wolverine versus samurais. And a host of other bad guys too. It’s all teased in the first trailers for the much anticipated Marvel flick, The Wolverine. Having struggled with immortality and his love for Jean Grey, Logan (Hugh Jackman) travels to Japan to finally face and make peace with his demons. He’ll also face off…

Movie Review: Total Recall (2012)

What is real? Some believe it’s everything we can obverse through our natural senses. Others think we’re living a computer simulation. All I know is that, whether real or not, Total Recall, Len Wiseman’s (who’s known for “Underworld” and “Live Free or Die Hard“) remake of director Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s…

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