Oscar Isaac

Movie Review: Time to Choose (2015)

Climate change’s main drivers coincide with the main drivers of economic growth. We cannot have both, it seems. We do not get to preserve the Earth if we get to develop our economic prosperity in it. This is a dichotomy in all its height, an ill-conceived binary that produces nothing but contradiction and conflict, a…

Movie Review: Mojave (2015)

As a kid, watching “Tom and Jerry” was must-see TV. Observing that poor blue cat getting outsmarted by a tiny brown mouse (episode after episode after episode) never — incredibly — got old. I always knew Jerry was going to get the last laugh, no matter how close Tom got to beating him. Cat and…

Movie Trailer: X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

Not to be outdone by the unveiling of the main antagonist in the latest trailer for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” (Doomsday, by the way), X-Men: Apocalypse jumps right into unveiling theirs — Apocalypse — in this first trailer. Bathed in royal blue and awakened from a timeless slumber, En Sabah Nur (his ancient…

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