Scott Speedman

Movie Review: The Captive (2014)

Whatever happened to Atom Egoyan? Or, more specifically, his artistic credibility? The Canadian filmmaking icon who once strung together a stunning run of acclaimed, focused works in the 90s, including “Exotica,” “The Sweet Hereafter,” and “Felicia’s Journey” has been slumming it of late. Swapping his trademark air of chilly mystery for easily digestible predictability and…

Movie Review: The Vow (2012)

Although I got a review out of it (making the experience a humanitarian effort), I take great pride in knowing I’m one of the few men comfortable enough with my masculinity to see a movie like The Vow. If its premise — the “true (at least by Hollywood’s standards) story” of love and the lengths…

Movie Trailer: The Vow (2012)

What good is Valentine’s Day without a nice big helping of sappy romance? Generally the answer is “none,” but today Screen Gems released the first trailer for The Vow, effectively telling the world that they’re doing their part to ensure there is tear-inducing romance ready for next year. Enlisting the aid of Hollywood’s favorite girl-next-door…

Movie Review: The Strangers (2008)

I consider myself a very big horror buff, and many of my favorite movies are in the horror genre. Horror does something that no other types of movies can do – when they’re done right, they can make you feel for the characters that are being put through such emotions like fear and agonizing pain….

Movie Review: Underworld: Evolution (2006)

Not sure about you, but I’ve always been a buff on the unknown, supernatural stuff. I’ve always been intrigued by vampire tales or ghost stories. The stranger and scarier the better. So without a doubt, I wanted to see the second installment of the “Underworld” series, Underworld: Evolution. Underworld: Evolution has a simple premise: Vampires…

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