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Movie Review: Skyfire (2019)

Simon West’s Skyfire is equal parts “Jurassic Park,” “Armageddon,” and, well, “Volcano”: A tireless, heart-pounding leap beyond such niceties as logic and character development into the well-trod terrain of super-duper action movie. And by that purple prose, I mean that it’s a damn fine movie to veg out to and just enjoy for what it…

Movie Review: Salt and Fire (2016)

The synopsis of acclaimed German director Werner Herzog’s 2016 thriller Salt and Fire, at first, seems to present a truly intriguing, unique and captivating story — “A renowned scientist is sent to Bolivia on an urgent mission to analyze a looming environmental catastrophe she along with her colleagues are deceived by a man claiming to…

Movie Review: Ixcanul (2015)

Writer-director Jayro Bustamante’s absorbing and revealing debut feature, Ixcanul, paints a disturbing portrait that crosses the fine line between tradition and exploitation in the name of the Guatemalan children sacrificed to uphold economical expectations among other considerations. The indigenous existences of children globally are jeopardized through ritualistic justifications that many find vehemently inexcusable and horrifying….

Movie Review: Pompeii (2014)

Paul W.S. Anderson might just be the very avatar of filmmaking mediocrity. Starting with the legendarily bad “Mortal Kombat” adaptation and working his way up a bit from there, he’s made a living off churning out genre films not awful enough to be memorable, but just bad in enough noticeable, glaring ways to make for…

Movie Trailer: Pompeii (2014)

If I didn’t read otherwise, I’d swear Roland Emmerich was the director behind FilmDistrict’s upcoming film Pompeii. Why? Well because it’s got his trademarks all over it, including his oft-criticized, over-the-top, CGIed-to-death disaster sequence. Apparently, however, Paul W.S. Anderson, director of such bombastic outings like “Resident Evil: Retribution” and “The Three Musketeers” asked to borrow…

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