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While watching a television show titled Little People, Big World I got to wondering how many midgets are working in Hollywood. How many of their roles were actually any good? What I thought would be any easy list to churn out was a lot harder to compile than it should have been.

Criteria: No Christmas movies (that would be too easy); Midget(s) in major role or important to overall movie experience; Can’t be something other than a person (no form altering costumes, i.e. Ewoks, R2-D2); Same midget can’t be used twice.

10JackassJackass: The Movie
Midget: Jason ‘Wee Man’ Acuà±a
Initially, I wasn’t convinced I should add this to the list. It’s really just a compilation of crazy stunts from the television show. But then I remembered that fat guy chasing Wee Man around on city streets and I laughed. Every time I see that sketch I crack-up; this movie wouldn’t be the same without him.
9Nick NackThe Man with the Golden Gun
Midget: Hervé Villechaize
Every Bond film has a memorable villain with a henchman. This one had Scaramanga along with his small pal Nick Nack. It’s not the best Bond Movie ever made, but it is the only one with a midget causing people grief!
Midget: Warwick Davis
This is probably the best action-fantasy movie in which a dwarf plays the lead role. My first inclination was to add him due to his role in Leprechaun, but then I remembered how bad that movie was (I’m amazed there are 5 sequels to it)! Willow is a must see for all D&D fans.
Midget: Harry Earles
Exploitation film at its finest. It’s about circus freaks and other carnie folk. Can there be a better combination? Hell no, since the movie is 75 years old and still banned in Sweden!
6Master BlasterMad Max Beyond Thunderdome
Midget: Angelo Rossitto
He was the tiny guy (The Master) sitting on the shoulders of The Blaster. They turned pig shit to power for Bartertown. This would be the best of the Mad Max series if it weren’t for the casting of Tina Turner.
5MunchkinsThe Wizard of Oz
Midget: Various
Does this movie require a description? If you haven’t seen it, then you just need to get sucked into a tornado. It’s a classic that everyone should see at least once.
4Time BanditsTime Bandits
Midget: Various
From the warped minds of Monty Python. Only these guys could envision a movie about little guys jumping to different periods in time (with a stolen time/space map) to steal stuff and cause general havoc. A very funny movie.
Midget: Zelda Rubinstein
This movie scaried the shit out of me when I was a kid. Adding this spooky midget to clear the house of poltergeists and retrieve the little girl from the other side was pure genius. She was more frightening than the ghosts!
2Oompa LoompaWilly Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Midget: Various
Here is another movie that doesn’t require a description. These little green and orange dudes gave me nightmares for weeks (even though they weren’t supposed to be scary). References to this movie can be found everywhere (Wonka candy, Veruca Salt, etc.). One of Gene Wilder’s crowning achievements.
1Mini MeAustin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Midget: Verne Troyer
Mini Me. Those two words just bring a smile to my face. This is single handedly the funniest movie ever made that stars a midget. Pure comic genius.

I know, you’re going to tell me that I’ve missed several hundred movies with small folk in them. Why not clue me in? I need something to waste my Netflix subscription on.


  1. - The Critical Movie Critics
    tiny tim


  2. - The Critical Movie Critics

    See, I can add (a reference to your Spam Protection, in case you’ve been using it so long you forgot what you’ve set up). Okay, enough rambling.

    First time commenter here (obviously, or I’d know how long you’d been asking folks simple math questions), and I wanted to list two you might want to get from Netflix: Under The Rainbow (with Chevy Chase, the truly excellent Billy Barty, and many more little people) and Foul Play (again with Chevy and Billy; do I detect a trend here?), and

  3. - The Critical Movie Critics

    What about Leprechaun? Or better yet, Leprechaun in the Hood?

  4. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Oops, didn’t see Warwick Davis already on the list. I’m dumb.

  5. - The Critical Movie Critics
    Jan Ice

    What about Beetlejuice from Bubble Boy? He’s a freaky little guy that’s hard to forget.

  6. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Peter Dinklage in The Station Agent would have to be my only addition, as Elf is not allowed.

  7. - The Critical Movie Critics
    Frank Wolk

    Would Danny DeVito be considered a dwarf? If so, there are plenty of movies to pick from to add to this list.

  8. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Lord of the rings should be number 1 I reckon they had a dwarf

  9. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Under The Rainbow (with Chevy Chase, the truly excellent Billy Barty, and many more little people) and Foul Play (again with Chevy and Billy)

    I am not familiar with those movies. I’ll have to rent them. I’m not the biggest Chevy Chase fan . . .

    Peter Dinklage in The Station Agent would have to be my only addition

    I didn’t see that movie either. Did it have a full theatrical release?

    Would Danny DeVito be considered a dwarf?

    Nope. He’s just very short and squat.

    Lord of the rings should be number 1 I reckon they had a dwarf

    I had initially put this movie in the list. While I’m sure there are a few dwarves running around in it, I had to remove it because all the main characters are normal sized people made to look small with baggy clothing and camera trickery.

  10. - The Critical Movie Critics

    How about “Twin Peaks”? That little guy talking backwards gave me a lot of nightmares…

    (I just checked, he appears in the “Twin Peaks” movie as well, not only the series.)

  11. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Terror of Tiny Town. All midget western.

    For Yu’r Height Only. A Filipino James Bond style movie where the lead is a midget.

  12. - The Critical Movie Critics

    How about “Twin Peaks”?

    I didn’t realize there was a Twin Peaks theatrical release. I thought it was just a television series.

    Terror of Tiny Town … For Yu’r Height Only

    I has actually thought of Terror of Tiny Town. I didn’t see it so I wasn’t sure whether I needed to take it seriously (more of just a parody kind of film). I’ve never heard of For Yu’r Height Only, so I never considered it.

  13. - The Critical Movie Critics

    The Twin Peaks theatrical release was called, if I remember correctly, Fire Walk With Me. I really wanted to see that until I talked to people who had.

    Oh, well…

  14. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Willow was an AWESOME film !

  15. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Exploitation or not, now I’m dying to see Freaks. I’m a horrible person.

  16. - The Critical Movie Critics

    station agent is a must, as is under the rainbow.

    consider Return of the Jedi (though they’re all wearing ewok costumes) for the simple volume of it. work for a tremendous number of folks with dwarfism.

    snow white, if you like animation. :D

  17. - The Critical Movie Critics

    I noticed your midget film round up
    you missed out.
    Freaks ( 1932)
    Little Cigars (1973)
    Foul Play (1978)

  18. - The Critical Movie Critics

    well I happen to see freaks as 7

  19. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Oppps sorry,
    But i bet you didnt think of
    For Your Height Only as it is truly amazing bit of rubbish
    its a james bond midget film, But instead of 007 its 00

  20. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Oh yeah i forget also
    terror of tiny town, which is a all midget cast western, If you take away the jokes that they can walk under the saloon doors etc, It has a very good plot line

  21. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Midget is an outdated term that the community considers offense. they prefer Little People or Dwarf. Also: I am not sure the woman in Poltergeist is a Dwarf. I think she might just be really really short.

  22. - The Critical Movie Critics

    There was an all-midget fraternity in American Pie: The Naked Mile

  23. - The Critical Movie Critics

    I’m suprised nobody has mentioned Werner Herzog’s 1970 classic, Even Dwarfs Started Small, about a gang of little people that take over an institution on an island and generally run amok.

    Good times!

  24. - The Critical Movie Critics

    …oh, and surely a notable mention should go to the red raincoat-wearing dwarf doppelganger in Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now?

  25. - The Critical Movie Critics

    For your little people film list, you have forgotten Peter Dinklage, in The Station Agent, various episodes of Nip/Tuck, Elf, etc.

  26. - The Critical Movie Critics

    A new addition, Peter Dinklage.

  27. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Hey, who remembers that 1950?s movie with a swarm of midgets fighting the overwhelmed big bad buys inside a castle in the last fight scene of that movie. They were swinging from the chandlers, etc. It was a riot to watch. It was one of those Saturday matinee movies (two shows for a quarter). I’d love to find that one, but I need the name of it.

  28. - The Critical Movie Critics

    One movie I don’t see here, a classic was Terror in Tiny Town. It is the only western with an all little people cast.

    Here are several others that I know of
    The Red Dwarf
    The Sinful Dwarf (1973)
    Blind Beast vs. Killer Dwarf
    7 Dwarves (2004)
    Time Bandits (1981)
    The Paul Mesner Puppets: Rumplestilltskin (2005)
    The Devil Within Her (1975)
    Simon Birch (1998)
    Leprechaun 3 (1995)
    The Bride (1985)
    Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay (1971)
    Guimba (1995)
    Prophecies of the Passion (2005)
    Kingsize (1989)
    Tomboy Commando (2003)
    Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead (1993)

    Although several of these are questionable, they all employ little people as actors.

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