Nicolas Cage

Movie Trailer: The Frozen Ground (2012)

Vanessa Hudgens is growing up nicely. In the supposedly based on a real events movie, The Frozen Ground, she portrays a stripper who survives a murder attempt by a serial killer. Nicolas Cage is the Alaskan police detective trying like hell to stop him before he strikes again. The trailer for this psychological thriller (which…

Movie Review: Drive Angry 3D (2011)

Exploitation films are an acquired taste. Much like fermented tofu, you either love it or find the very idea disgusting (most people fall into the latter category). Fortunately, although the inception of VHS-tapes brought an end to the grindhouses and drive-through theaters that catered to such cinema, there are still filmmakers dedicated to the art-form….

Movie Review: Season of the Witch (2010)

The first scene of Dominic Sena’s new film, Season of the Witch (penned by Bragi F. Schut), a follow-up to his idiotic Whiteout, chronicles the hanging of three accused witches at the hands of a group of religious zealots in Viccah, a fictional town, in 1235 A.D. This scene is meant to make the Catholic…

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