Movie Review: Stick It (2006)

Womans gymnastics. Can there be a sport where the competitors are in as good of shape? Volleyball, perhaps. Figure skating, that’s a possibilty too. But there can be no doubt that the only reason anyone watches the Olympics is to watch girls in peak physical condition do amazing things with their bodies. With that said, that was the only reason I could remotely find to watch Stick It.

Obviously, Stick It serves no purpose other than to showcase the above mentioned, just as “D.E.B.S.” (young spies) and “Bring It On” (young cheerleaders) did before. A propped up plot is built – a rough and tough delinquent (Missy Peregrym) is sentenced to a gymnastics school where she learns that not everyone is against her and that there is good in all people. Real original, eh? Like all movies of this type (see “Bring It On”) all the girls showcased in the film are attractive. All except for one ugly-ass Chinese broad. How a fat, ugly girl got cast into a part is beyond me. I suspect the casting directors felt sorry for her fugly ass. I know I felt like feeding her an ice cream cone. And whatever happened to Jeff Bridges? I had always thought he was a more accomplished actor. Apparently, he needed some extra spending cash.

Besides the objectification of women (as if I object, not), Stick It is completely unmemorable. I have no real recollection of anything that merits a worthy mention. The characters are completely uninteresting, and the whole concept of gymnasts tanking a world competition just to show solidarity may be the stupidest fucking thing I have ever heard. There is no fucking way girls who have been spending their entire lives (7 days a week, 15 hours a day) training for an Olympic opportunity would squander it.

There can be no doubt, however, that the movie delivers what it sets out to do. Could it have done a better job prancing around girls in leotards and skimpy clothing? Hell yes. But it does an adequate job of it. Guys without lives, who rely on movies to drum up their fantasies will have a field day. That means you sucker. Yeah you reading this review. That being the case, it still isn’t enough to make this movie overly watchable.

Critical Movie Critic Rating:
2 Star Rating: Bad


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