Movie Trailer: Sabotage (2014)

It’s only because I have brother-love for Arnold Schwarzenegger that I’m giving his latest, Sabotage, any attention. In it he leads a band of highly trained DEA agents — the last resort kind — that deliver justice to those too powerful to be taken down by ordinary means. After a particularly nasty raid against a powerful drug cartel, however, things go wrong. A double-crosser has not only stolen millions from the haul, but they’ve also given the cartel the names of his operatives, who, one-by-one, are turning up dead. What ensues is what Arnie does best, but, unfortunately, in this trailer it doesn’t look like what he does best is so fantastic. The last bit of it, admittedly, does get a bit better, but overall it plays out slow and tired. More upsetting is it doesn’t even contain a signature quip! Hopefully, Open Road Films has something up their sleeves with this, until then check out what they’ve got above.

Sabotage stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington, Terrence Howard, Olivia Williams, Harold Perrineau and Josh Holloway.


Sabotage (2014) by The Critical Movie Critics


Official Synopsis:
In Sabotage, Arnold Schwarzenegger leads an elite DEA task force that takes on the world’s deadliest drug cartels. When the team successfully executes a high-stakes raid on a cartel safe house, they think their work is done — until, one-by-one, the ten members mysteriously start to be eliminated.

Sabotage double-crosses US theaters on March 28, 2014 and UK theaters on May 9, 2014.

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'Movie Trailer: Sabotage (2014)' have 6 comments

  1. The Critical Movie Critics

    November 21, 2013 @ 5:42 pm Warren

    I don’t think this can look any worse.

  2. The Critical Movie Critics

    November 21, 2013 @ 6:09 pm AG

    Its sad to see the years have finally caught up to Arny.

  3. The Critical Movie Critics

    November 21, 2013 @ 6:37 pm bitcloud

    I’m sure it’ll have entertainment value – good or bad, every Schwarzenegger movie does.

    • The Critical Movie Critics

      November 22, 2013 @ 1:28 am Smith

      Even Kindergarten Cop?

  4. The Critical Movie Critics

    November 21, 2013 @ 8:10 pm KissMore

    The reinvention of Arnold Schwarzenegger continues. I’ll watch.

  5. The Critical Movie Critics

    November 21, 2013 @ 9:47 pm Prince Pisces

    His accent is so out of place.

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