Red Band Movie Trailer: The Raid (2011)

In a well timed release (it is currently showing at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and receiving high praise), comes the first trailer for the Indonesian action flick The Raid. This high octane shoot ’em up and kick their ass fest follows a team of highly trained SWAT officers as they raid a heavily protected safe house of a powerful drug kingpin. This boys and girls, is how a trailer is supposed to be done — no spoilers or unneeded fluff, just more hardcore intensity than can be digested that is accompanied with strangely fitting music. You must check it out right this second.

The Raid stars Iko Uwais, Doni Alamsyah, Joe Taslim, Ray Sahetapy, Yayan Ruhian.


The Raid (2011) by The Critical Movie Critics


The Raid has no release dates for the US or UK yet. Expect them soon enough as Sony Pictures has just picked up the rights for worldwide distribution.

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  1. The Critical Movie Critics

    November 28, 2011 @ 5:44 pm Joe Untara

    Gareth Evans, the director of The Raid, has just released a brand NEW trailer for the movie. It’s the Indonesian version with music from the original composers of The Raid. It has additional footage as well. Sure you will love it. Check out here :

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